Kings Canyon: Munro's Artistic Vision Illuminates the Desert

July 27, 2023
By Patrick Cros

After Uluru, it's Kings Canyon's turn to receive an artistic touch from creator Bruce Munro. As night falls, 69 Solar-powered Light Towers are now fusing light, colors, and music into a surreal immersive experience in the red desert sands of Watarrka National Park. The installation will be in place for the next two years.

A three-hour drive from Ayers Rock, The Watarrka National Park in the Northern Territory has been illuminated with the launch of a new installation by Anglo-Australian artist Bruce Munro. Composed of 69 two-meter towers, each meticulously constructed from 216 glass bottles, Light Towers are illuminated by optic fibers and solar-powered by the desert sun. Changing colors in response to a unique musical composition by famous British composer Orlando Gough, the Towers takes visitors on a captivating and immersive auditory and visual journey. The music, mixed with a choir of voices, enhances the timeless ambiance of the place, weaving through different languages and cultures, "reflecting the musical diversity of the world". "It expresses the connection of the landscape to its people and the idea of us all coming together," Bruce Munro explains. As towers change colors, visitors experience sound "translated into colors".

Experiences for visitors to enjoy

Guests to Discovery Resorts - Kings Canyon now have the option to experience "Light Towers" three times a day with ticketed offers, at sunrise (followed by a sunrise breakfast on the viewing deck), sunset (with a selection of native-inspired canapes and drinks) or by night (a half-hour walk through Light Towers at leisure). The Towers are located adjacent to the Luritja lookout, on the campground side of the property, just a short walk from the new "Kings Canyon Bar & Grill" and the General Store and Campground Reception building.

Visitors can enjoy an on-site ticketed experience, bust also view the installation from afar on the newly renovated Luritja lookout without a ticket.

Other activities in the 1052 square kilometers of Watarrka National Park include a guided or self-guided six-kilometer circuit, the Kings Canyon Rim Walk, with its stunning 360-degree views of the surrounding plains and the red rocks tumbling into spectacular geological formations, formed from sandstone and chiseled by nature, some reaching heights of 300 meters, and a lush green waterhole sacred site called The Garden of Eden.

Enhancing the Resort

The launch of "Light Towers" coincides with G'Day Group's aim to enhance the quality of its resort and better valorize the exceptional natural site in which it is located. The group has been heavily investing in its Discovery Resorts - Kings Canyon, committing $20 million to refurbishments and redevelopment, ready for the 2023 season, led by the unveiling of Light Towers.

It now has 128 newly renovated resort rooms, 96 standard rooms completed in 2022, 32 deluxe rooms opened in March, six glamping tents, and 37 lodge rooms, as well as its campgrounds with around 100 sites. The group is also developing a new, modern reception area, Kings Canyon Bar & Grill (previously known as Thirty Dingo).

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